About Me

What I'm doing right now?

Thanks to God and to everyone who has helped me reach this point, including myself.

This page is meant to describe what I am currently doing, so perhaps you won't need to ask me once you have read it.

If you have your own site, maybe you should to make one too.


I’m in Surabaya city right now after getting full-time remotely job since January 2020.

sometime i went to Jakarta city for meet my working team.


  • Still trying to find love

  • Working with my belove macbook

  • Currenly Learning Next JS and Tailwind CSS

  • Learning and research some technology stuff from the internet

  • Social Media, Gaming, Coding, Listening music, Watching Film, Reading, Jogging

Music that i'm listening

You can check my Spotify Profile, but sometime i just listening to lofi.

Technology that I'm using on

  • Javascript/Typescript

  • React Web/Native/NextJS

  • Jest, React Testing Library

  • Storybook

  • Tailwind/AntDesign/MUI

Software programs that I use daily

  • Operating System: MacOS Ventura 13.2.1

  • Code Editor: Visual Studio Code

  • Browsers: Arc Browser

  • Others: Jira, Postman, Figma, Discord

Work From Home setup

  • Laptop Macbook Air M1 8/256 (2020)

  • Keyboard Anker Ultra Slim A7726

  • Mouse Logitect Pebble M350

  • Mouse Wrist Pad

  • Deskmat Sades SD84 - UMI

  • Monitor LG 24MK600 (24 Inc)

  • Monitor Bracket NB h200 Gas Strut

  • Noir NEO-C Ergonomic Office Chair

  • TWS Moondrop Nekocake Kuroneko

Game setup

prefer play game in mobile phone platform than desktop.

  • Poco F4 8/256

  • Acer Aspire 6 - Captain America Edition

Inspirate make this site

  • Thanks to mas gading. I made this site after visit his site as a main inspiration
    and maybe you should check his website too.

  • to Zuhad Achmad Fachrian. for help me desain this site, i appreciate to you.

  • to Azharie Muhammad. because the menu called story inspire after visiting your site.